Season Pack of Ambush Booster Ingredients

Season Pack of Ambush Booster Ingredients

Apologies for the delayed shipment. We are making every effort to keep delivering throughout the coronavirus pandemic but all postage & freight carriers are currently facing challenges. Australia Post has advised us that they are seriously behind with deliveries therefore, there may be a delay on their shipment. 

Harsh chemicals and poison damage the environment, destroy plants and endanger small pets and children. That’s why we’re committed to keeping the Ambush Booster Ingredients natural and poison-free. Containing absolutely NO harsh poison or pollutants, the Ambush Booster Ingredients are a safe alternative to traditional poisons. The Booster uses two naturally occurring ingredients, mixed with water to create CO2 which is naturally emitted by the human body, and highly attractive to mosquitoes when used with the Ambush Mosquito Trap.

Each twin pack of ingredients will last about 3 weeks. 

Available in packages of ten (5 twin packs) everything you’ll need for the entire mosquito season.

You may check the video here (0:20) on how to refill the Booster ingredients.

Package Contents
5 twin packs of Ambush Booster Ingredients


Customer Reviews

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Andre S
It works!

For years we could not use our back garden in the evening without being bitten by mosquitoes. Now that we have been running the Ambush Mosquito Trap for a few months there are no mosquitoes to be found.

This trap is amazing!! We live on the water and it removes all signs of midges

We hesitated buying this due to the price but it has been priceless, our son no longer gets bitten inside and as he is allergic to midgees this has been a game changer for us. Buying the refills is easy and we use about 1 packet a month

Tony Dart


Julian Bowles
Mary - Gosford NSW

Early one morning after being woken by mosquito bites, I was searching online for a solution and found the Mosquito Ambush. It is truly amazing. We keep it down in the yard near the pizza oven. Low noise and no mosquitos on the deck or inside the house. We live on the bush, have no fly screens and like to sleep with our windows open. This product is a complete success and we highly recommend it.

John C.
Working great so far

Had it for a month now. Way less midgies. Easy set up. No fuss. Only thing is I think it catches a few too many moths, but you can’t have it all.