Download Your Bonuses

Welcome to the Ambush Family! As promised, you can download each of your welcome bonuses below. 
Bonus 1. How to Control Australian Mosquitoes

This ebook includes more than you’ll ever need to know about Australian Mosquitoes including varieties, their habitats, how they hunt humans and the things you can do to protect yourself from them. 
Click Here to Download (8357KB .PDF file)

Bonus 2. 15 Days to Source Reduction

This guide will show you how to completely eradicate the major sources of mosquitoes in just 15 days. It contains simple, free, but scientifically based steps you can take to support your hard- working Ambush.
Click Here to Download (8357KB .PDF file)

Bonus 3. Indoor Mosquito Control

The Ambush is an outdoor device, but there are plenty of simple steps you can take to protect your home from any mosquitoes that find their way indoors. You'll be surprised how many simple household items are ideal mosquito repellants.
Click Here to Download (6920KB .PDF file)

Bonus 4. Mosquito Repelling Herbs and Plants

This guide is one of my favourites - it tells you exactly which herbs and plants mosquitoes hate, and that can shield your home from even the fiercest mosquito.
Click Here to Download (2285KB .PDF file)

Bonus 5. How to Control Australian Biting Midges

If you've ever experienced the bite of an Australian sandfly (AKA biting Midge) then you'll be relieved to hear that the Ambush Mosquito Trap regularly attracts midges - lots of midges. This ebook tells you why, and how else you can control Midges.
Click Here to Download (3148KB .PDF file)