Frequently Asked Questions

I am wondering if the trap can be used indoors?

We have amended both the website and the packaging to make it clear that the ambush is an outside only device while the Ambush Indoor Insect Trap can protect you and your loved ones from the irritation of insects and mosquitoes.

I am interested in buying the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap. My question is, does the unit have to be operated 24/7 for it to be effective?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap works best left on 24/7 as it is designed to break the breeding cycle. Also it takes a few hours after the sun has risen to dry the mosquitoes out and kill them as there is still moisture in the air at night. However you can spray a little bug spray near the vents in the morning. This will kill the trapped mosquitoes and the trap can be turned off then.

Is the unit noisy, ie if we place it on a patio where we sit will it be a distraction?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is very quiet and unless you are sitting hard against it you will not hear it.

Will it be effective anywhere in Australia? We are presently in Western Queensland however we are moving back to Far North Queensland in a year or so. Will it work all over the state?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap has been sold right around the world ( under different names in different countries). I have sold units Australia wide and receive regular correspondence that the Ambush Trap is very effective.

We live on a rural property and have a dam, which doesn't help with mosquitos and midges. We can't get a good nights sleep as the midges come through the fly screens which are made of crimmesh. I wondered if we could use the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap inside and outside?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is designed to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes by targeting the egg laying female mosquitoes. It is designed to be used outside. The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap can be used inside but I wouldn't recommend loading it with an Ambush Lure as this may attract Mozzies from outside into your house. 
By using the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap outside, you eliminate the egg laying females from the localised population thus minimising the chance any mozzies will get inside the house. Although the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is designed for mosquitoes, it is also very successful in wiping out midge populations as they are attracted to the same things as mosquitoes.

I have two babies in mozzie nets for every sleep, and a mortein mozzie plug in that burns 24/7. The house is full of mozzies - under the table, in the toy box, in the bathroom etc. When it gets dark, the downstairs outside toilet and everywhere is swarming. Where would you suggest that I set up the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap?

Mosquitoes lay eggs and are attracted to water. Try and remove all sources of stagnant water where you can. Put the seat down on the toilet outside to minimize the attractant to this area. Put the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap in an open area optimally between the source of mosquito attractant ie Dam etc and the house. The mozzies will be drawn to to trap enroute to the house and eliminated.

I live in a cove of mangroves. Sandflies are very bad - will your product help?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is primarily designed to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes. Having said that, the first year we used the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap at my house, was the first year we didn't have midges or sandflies. Midges and sandflies are aggressive feeders and swarm the trap. I have had feedback from people living on the NSW and QLD coast that tell me that the Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is very effective on midges.

What is the full load of the unit, eg amps or Watts?

The Ambush Mark II Mosquito Trap is a 240v device which is converted to 12v/25w which is roughly a quarter the usage of a light globe.