Ambush Indoor Insect Trap

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
We're currently out of stock, the Ambush Indoor Traps will be back by the next mosquito season. Happy Holidays!! 

The Ambush Indoor Mosquito Trap is designed to eliminate insects from your home:

Smart Light Control

The Ambush Indoor automatically operates during darkness and shuts down during the day, saving power and protecting the environment.

USB or AC Power

The Ambush Indoor can be powered via USB. This means that it can be powered by a battery pack, phone changer or USB hub and can be used for camping or the outdoors.

Works on Fruit Flies

Just place your Ambush Indoor near the infested area, wait until dark, and the next morning your fruit bowl will be fruit fly free and the sticky paper won’t be!

A Modern Design

The Ambush Indoor has no chemicals, no odours, and no zapper, making it safe for the entire family. The quiet, non- intrusive design makes this the ideal bug trap tor family households, and is safe even for babies and small children to be around.

Three Separate Attractants

The Ambush Indoor uses three separate attractants to lure and trap mosquitoes, fruit flies and other flying insects at night.

UV Light

The Ambush Indoor Insect Trap’s unique bug trapping solution sends out an ultraviolet light on the 365nm-395nm wavelength (UV-A) to lure in insects of all kinds. UV-A region light is used regularly in insect control devices.

Powerful Vacuum

As insects approach the trap, the powerful 5W fan pulls them into the trap, and into the catch container below.

Ambush Sticky Paper

As insects enter the trap, the adhesive glue on the Ambush Stick Paper prevents them escaping from the trap.

The Ambush Guarantee

The Ambush Indoor Insect Trap is covered by the Ambush 30 day no-questions asked guarantee.

Operation is as Easy as 1 ..2...3

Remove from Box

Insert a Sticky Paper

Plug into Power Source

Use at Night

Only use the Ambush Indoor at night. The UV light is the traps most powerful attractant – it is best seen in the dark.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Very efficient

Nice little unit and not too noisy, very effective in trapping mosquitoes and all sorts of insects including moths (less food for my frog), sticky paper worked well and was full of insects after about 10 days and needed replacing

Darryl V.
big reduction in mozzies and other bities

We have seen a big reduction in these pests. I was a bit sceptical at first with just the CO2 generator, but it works well. The indoor device also works well.

Rachael H.
Ambush inside and out.

We have both the inside and outside traps.
The inside ones are amazing. Can’t say anything negative about them yet, only been about a month.
The outside traps, as we leave near salt air, the tray the insects collect in are putting/rusting very quickly.
Others wise the traps do a wonder job.

We appreciate your review, Rachel! We'd like to send you an extra catch container. Should I send it to the address on file?

Tim O.
Very easy to setup and

Very easy to setup and use

Michael E.
Ambush mosquito traps

I am extremely happy with the effectiveness of my indoor and the outdoor appliances. So good not to use sprays inside the house!