Ambush Indoor Insect Trap

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap

See How Easy it is to Eliminate Insects from your Home.

The Ambush Indoor Mosquito Trap features:

Smart Light Control

The Ambush Indoor Automatically operates during darkness and shuts down during the day, saving power and protecting the environment.

USB or AC Power

The Ambush Indoor can be powered via USB. This means that it can be powered by a battery pack, phone changer or USB hub and can be used for camping or the outdoors.

A Modern Design

The Ambush Indoor has no chemicals, no odours, and no zapper, making it safe for the entire family. The quiet, non- intrusive design makes this the ideal bug trap tor family households, and is safe even for babies and small children to be around.

The Ambush Indoor uses three separate attractants to lure and trap mosquitoes, fruit flies and other flying insects at night.

UV Light

The Ambush Indoor Insect Trap’s unique bug trapping solution sends out an ultraviolet light on the 365nm-395nm wavelength (UV-A) to lure in insects of all kinds. UV-A region light is used regularly in insect control devices.

A Powerful Vacuum

As insects approach the trap, the powerful 5W fan pulls them into the trap, and into the catch container below.

Ambush Sticky Paper

As insects enter the trap, the adhesive glue on the Ambush Stick Paper makes prevents them flying away and potentially escaping from the trap.

Setting up The Trap  

To place a sticky paper in the bottom,  open the storage box by pushing the “Push” button from the side. Take a sticky paper and remove the protective layer to expose the sticky surface. Place the paper sticky side up on the bottom of the trap.

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap

Just set up the Ambush Indoor as close to the insects as possible (e.g. next to the fruit, plants or rubbish bin), plug it into the wall or a USB power source, and let the trap do the rest. Works well in your kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, or patio. 

Only use the Ambush Indoor at night. The UV light is the traps most powerful attractant – it is best seen in the dark.

Product Details

Works best in a dark and closed room. Rated voltage: 5V; Rated Power: 5W; Rated frequency: 60Hz; Ultraviolet wavelengths: 365nm-395nm.

The Ambush Guarantee

If you don’t notice a difference within 30 days, just contact us for your "no-questions-asked" full refund.