The Ambush Booster

The Ambush Booster

I started using the Ambush Mark 2, 5 weeks ago & am amazed at the results. In order to accelerate the harvest of mosquitoes, I attached the outlet of my beer brewing unit, when making a batch- wow, they loved the CO2 & came in droves. In 4 weeks I filled a large jar … 


Barry - Lamb Island QLD


After 7 years producing the Ambush Mosquito Trap, customer feedback like the above got us to thinking … and researching.  In 2017 a study conducted in the West Indies found that organically produced CO2 was by far the most effective way of attracting Culex quinquefasciatus, which is also one of the major nuisance pests throughout Australia (except Tasmania).  As we researched a bit more, we found lots of studies where adding more CO2 far outperformed octenol and lactic acid in attracting species of mosquitoes which are also common in Australia.

And so we searched far and wide for a way to “boost” the CO2 which the Ambush produces. 

Now the Ambush Booster comes standard with the Ambush Mosquito Trap.

For our loyal customers who bought their Ambush before the booster was launched, the Ambush Booster is available for individual purchase.

Click here to see the demo video.




Customer Reviews

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The Ambush Booster

The Ambush Booster arrived, easily set up as to the detailed instructions, happy with the product and enjoying the backyard.

Very well built.

I was pleasantly suprized with the high build quality of the ambush booster. It is easy to set up and get into operation. Great product overall.

It Definitely Works

Installed the booster and in 3 days my wife was not getting bitten. Will leave In That locality for a few weeks to break the breeding cycle and then move it closer to the house where mozzies are still prevailing.

Booster Pack

Hi, I recently had to purchase the booster pack and although that the booster is effective in attracting mosquitoes, I am disappointed in the size of the booster which is similar to a fire extinguisher size. I am really disappointed that the previously available satchets are no longer available and your forced into buying a product which is now double the size of the original unit. Not ideal for entertainment areas. I find it's no more effective than the previous hard plastic satchets but its the only product which is the most effective in controlling mosquitoes.

We no longer carry the lures instead we've developed a much better and more eco-friendly solution, the Ambush Booster. Thanks!