Free eBook

Welcome to the Ambush Family! Please accept our gifts to you, these are the two new copies of our new eBooks, "Natural Homemade Insect Repellents" and "The Ultimate Guide to Controlling Australian Flys".

These ebooks include more than you’ll ever need to know about n
atural homemade insect repellents and the your guide on how to control Australian flys. You may give it to friends, neighbours, whatever you like - it's our gift just for supporting Ambush this year. 

Bonus 1. Natural Homemade Insect Repellents

This ebook includes essential tools you will need, natural repellant to keep away the mosquitoes and get rid of dust mites and cockroaches, non-toxic repellants for ants and natural and non-toxic repellant for kids and pets.
Click Here to Download (2900KB .PDF file)

Bonus 2. Ultimate Guide to Controlling Australian Flies

This guide will show you types of flys in Australia, their physical fly control methods, traps, mechanical Controls and other ways to control flys.
Click Here to Download (354KB .PDF file)