Ambush UV-Bulb with Ballast

Ambush UV-Bulb with Ballast

Black UV light tube to suit the Ambush Mosquito Trap unit. 
PLEASE NOTE that each order comes with 1 UV-Bulb already connected to a Ballast (motor). 


Customer Reviews

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Mary Hamblin
A good trap

We regard Ambush Mossie trap as a useful tool to keep the number of bites at bay. Recently we had to replace the fan and light and found that the instructions were very clear, and made it an easy task. One thing that we would like is a return to the original cartridge baited, as the last lot we received only last a month, not 3 months, and are made by Kelly & Co, Not Ambush. It is easy to forget to change these until we have been bitten again.

Julie McClelland
Best Mosquito Trap ever

As I live in FNQ, I also live outside in my patio area. Dealing with mosquitos has always been an issue, burning coils, candles wax/citronella oil wasn't effective and expensive. Before I new about Ambush I had bought a competitors model, but since purchasing this brand from a local distributor I haven't looked back. I recently purchased a replacement bulb direct from yourselves. Delivery was prompt. I did have some issues replacing, the plastic clip things that hold the bulb in place have detoriated, the joys of the tropics, I have 'MacGyvered' a fix though and am still enjoying my mosquito free area. Thanks again looking forward to more years of mosquito free living with no obnoxious smells.

Roya V.
Replacement UV-bulb

Excellent efficient service

Pete B.
Replacement UV-Bulb

The bulb changes easily & lasts quite a while.

Hannu A.
Feed back on Ambush Mosquito Trap

Have had this unit in place for a few weeks now in Adelaide. Still waiting to be convinced that this works. Getting mozzie bites in our back yard. Have the latest CO2 unit. Time will tell. Hoping the investment $ss is worthwhile

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