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The Ambush Mosquito Trap
John Cockburn

Not one mozzie so far this season. Unbelievably good product!
We have ‘reclaimed our Summer’.
One slight issue- a lot of moths get caught in the trap. Would some sort of filter prevent this?

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Edward H.
spare parts

i have mozzie ambush for some years always have trouble getting bait which i now need plus new blue light .could you advise me how to obtain these items .

Thank you for your feedback. You may get the bulb here:
The bait will be available soon, I will send you an email once it's available online.

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Very efficient

Nice little unit and not too noisy, very effective in trapping mosquitoes and all sorts of insects including moths (less food for my frog), sticky paper worked well and was full of insects after about 10 days and needed replacing

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Kathy Morris
Works a treat

Found it excellent
Works really great

The Ambush Booster
John S
The Ambush Booster

The Ambush Booster arrived, easily set up as to the detailed instructions, happy with the product and enjoying the backyard.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Alexander Schafferius
Great device!

Has really helped deal with the mozzies on my 780m2 property. Have placed it under my house and it works brilliantly.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
alan wolf
Does the job!

Thankfully my mosquito problem is finally solved. This is an excellent product

It works!

For years we could not use our back garden in the evening without being bitten by mosquitoes. Now that we have been running the Ambush Mosquito Trap for a few months there are no mosquitoes to be found.

This trap is amazing!! We live on the water and it removes all signs of midges

We hesitated buying this due to the price but it has been priceless, our son no longer gets bitten inside and as he is allergic to midgees this has been a game changer for us. Buying the refills is easy and we use about 1 packet a month

Ambush UV-Bulb
Mary Hamblin
A good trap

We regard Ambush Mossie trap as a useful tool to keep the number of bites at bay. Recently we had to replace the fan and light and found that the instructions were very clear, and made it an easy task. One thing that we would like is a return to the original cartridge baited, as the last lot we received only last a month, not 3 months, and are made by Kelly & Co, Not Ambush. It is easy to forget to change these until we have been bitten again.

Ambush UV-Bulb
Julie McClelland
Best Mosquito Trap ever

As I live in FNQ, I also live outside in my patio area. Dealing with mosquitos has always been an issue, burning coils, candles wax/citronella oil wasn't effective and expensive. Before I new about Ambush I had bought a competitors model, but since purchasing this brand from a local distributor I haven't looked back. I recently purchased a replacement bulb direct from yourselves. Delivery was prompt. I did have some issues replacing, the plastic clip things that hold the bulb in place have detoriated, the joys of the tropics, I have 'MacGyvered' a fix though and am still enjoying my mosquito free area. Thanks again looking forward to more years of mosquito free living with no obnoxious smells.

Gregson O'Neill
I prefer not to write essays.

I don’t like having to write essays to show if I like Ambush Mosquito traps.
Please itemise your questions on a scale of one to 10, and I will gladly complete your review.

Mozzie death

This product works really well, the CO2 generator lasts for quite some time - citric acid and sodium bicarbonate make for a harmless mix. Simple to set up but works extremely well.
Also strongly recommend the indoor trap, it is very effective.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Andrew P.
Well worth the money

I've had the Ambush Mosquito Trap a bit over 2 months and have been really impressed. The booster definitely made a difference for me, after about 4 weeks we started seeing a difference in the number of mozzies. Unit is well made and the after sales support has been great.

Mary - Gosford NSW

Early one morning after being woken by mosquito bites, I was searching online for a solution and found the Mosquito Ambush. It is truly amazing. We keep it down in the yard near the pizza oven. Low noise and no mosquitos on the deck or inside the house. We live on the bush, have no fly screens and like to sleep with our windows open. This product is a complete success and we highly recommend it.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Daniel N.
Ambush mosquito trap

Not only is this mosquito trap effective, it looks cool with the polished steel co2 cylinder! Definitely made a big impact on our mosquito problems.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Norman M.
Great Product

Having tried a number of other UV type traps with very limited success I was somewhat reluctant to outlay a further $249.00. After trying the Ambush Mosquito Trap I can honestly say that it is worth every cent and more, with amazing results right from the start.

The Ambush Booster
Nathan M.
Very well built.

I was pleasantly suprized with the high build quality of the ambush booster. It is easy to set up and get into operation. Great product overall.

big reduction in mozzies and other bities

We have seen a big reduction in these pests. I was a bit sceptical at first with just the CO2 generator, but it works well. The indoor device also works well.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Mia S.
Doesn’t catch mosquitoes

Hi - My Ambush Mosquito trap doesn’t seem to catch mosquitoes - I’ve caught lots of moths and other things, but no mosquitoes despite there being LOADS of those around!!

Ambush inside and out.

We have both the inside and outside traps.
The inside ones are amazing. Can’t say anything negative about them yet, only been about a month.
The outside traps, as we leave near salt air, the tray the insects collect in are putting/rusting very quickly.
Others wise the traps do a wonder job.

We appreciate your review, Rachel! We'd like to send you an extra catch container. Should I send it to the address on file?

Very easy to setup and

Very easy to setup and use

Ambush mosquito traps

I am extremely happy with the effectiveness of my indoor and the outdoor appliances. So good not to use sprays inside the house!

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Dagmar L.
Great Product that Works

As part of a body corporate I have encouraged multiple owners to purchase this product. The committee has bought several units to assist in some of our large common areas